Online Assessment Appeals

Connecting property owners with counties and municipalities online for faster resolution of appeals

Sunrise Solution

Online Assessments Appeals is an online portal designed by Sunrise Systems to expedite the assessment appeals process through an electronic filing system. This enables property owners to file an appeal for reviewing the value of their property estimated by various state/government departments. In addition, the web-based system connects the municipalities and other agencies with the property owners for faster resolution of disputes.

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Features and Functionalities

  • Integration with online maps such as Google Maps, Bing, or Pictometry for the rendering of property and comparables.
  • Integration with county’s MOD IV System for information on hearing dates, judgments, official appeal number, etc.
  • Conduct virtual meetings with Cisco WebEx integration and email notification of hearing dates.
  • Get scientific analytics for county commissioners, assessors, and tax boards.
  • Shift to online submission with electronic payment to minimize paperwork.
  • Send automated email notifications of hearing dates to applicants.

Product Benefits


For owners and municipality

Electronic Filing

Eliminates paper handling

Secure System

Web-enabled, secure system

Built-In Tools

For quick scanning and imaging

Complete Compliance

With State of NJ standards

Improved Accuracy

With reduced filing errors

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