Efficient Meetings Made Possible

Manage your meetings better by streamlining the process through a business dashboard.

Sunrise Solution

Designed by Sunrise Systems, Freeholder Board Meeting Manager is a centralized platform for individuals or corporates to organize their meetings and events. Everything from planning to the recording of agendas, voting, and minutes is streamlined. This results in less time spent on paperwork and more time available for strategic planning and implementation.

Features and Functionalities

  • Meeting Manager Module – for centralized
    tracking of all meeting agendas, voting, and
  • Public Module – helps publish meeting agenda, resolutions, and minutes online or print from the system.

  • Electronic vote and stamping of resolutions
  • Agendas are electronically converted to minutes after meetings
  • Supports departmental workflow with Purchasing and other departments.
  • Integration of audio and video recordings.
  • Interface with records management systems for storing images and documents.

Product Benefits

Easy Integration

With the existing OPRS system

Central System

Store information in one place

Less Paperwork

With automated processes

Concurrent Access

For multiple users

Better Management

Manage meetings effectively

Streamlined Publication

Of agenda and minutes

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