Managing Public Records with Transparency and Efficiency

An all-inclusive system for county-based locations

Sunrise Solution

PRESS, or Public Records Electronic Search System, was designed by Sunrise Systems to help individuals and government agencies with tax and property records management. It complies with OPRA and other regulations by the government. With PRESS, publishing, searching, and retrieving published documents are just a click away.

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Features and Functionalities

  • Makes it easy to publish, search, and retrieve published documents.
  • Get access to election results, minutes, agendas, and forms.
  • View valuation information for state property.
  • Keep track of housing and real estate data.

  • View statistical data covering housing and real estate in an area of choice.
  • View board meeting agenda, minutes, and access board audio files.
  • Interface with Google Maps or GIS.
  • Publish audio or video communications

Product Benefits

Online System

Reduces the paperwork

Historical Record

Easily access past data

Easy Retrieval

Of results, minutes, and agendas

Statistical Data

Of housing and real estate

24/7 Access

To all public records

Complete Compliance

OPRA and other regulations

Our Clients