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We analyze data from the inside out, getting the most out of measurable metrics to provide crystal-clear, actionable insights and reliable forecasting. Discover More

Success Stories


Conduct Risk Magnitude

A financial services firm asked us to identify factors leading to customer detriment and adverse effects on market stability.

EZ Online Citizen Services

Modernized SaaS model designed for E-Governance

Transforming the Future of Healthcare

Helped leading healthcare client to fill their key positions within IT

Maximized ROI with right people and skills

Offered the staffing solution to a leading firm across IT, finance, and data domains.

High-Performance Data Engineers, Scientists, and Analysts

Service Offerings

Data Science

Enhance your data science practices. We reorient your data-driven analytics to go beyond the current level of market orientation so you can achieve a higher level of business performance.Learn More »

Data Management

Data management is about reliability. Sunrise is dedicated to developing and educating you about cultivating a strong data-driven culture as you make transform and upgrade your business.Learn More »

Visualization and Insights

Make your business intelligence processes smarter. We know the value of data for your business, which is why we provide actionable, data-driven insights to aid your decision-making at every step.Learn More »
of Data Management and BI Expertise
of Dashboard and Analytics Expertise
Analysts and 75 Field Consultants

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Systematic Approach to Data Analytics

Method and Process

Understanding Business Problems

Define business objectives and requirements and convert them into problem definitions.

Defining Solution

Gather existing data to identify key problems and discover initial insights for modelling.

Evaluation and Modelling

Propose multiple models using appropriate modelling techniques and evaluate them to select the winner(s).

Data Science-ing

Deploy and monitor the model(s) and measure the results. Fine-tune the models as necessary.

How Are We Different?


No matter the challenge, we will work closely with you to help you succeed.

Domain and Tech Expertise

The combination of our domain knowledge and tech expertise has helped us shape and execute many mission-critical projects. Our customers love certainty, and we make sure to give it to them.


While utilizing far-reaching data collections and the best technology, research methods, and tools, we provide quality-driven project management and project execution life cycles with a vision of nurturing long-term business relationships.

Track Record

Our track record of success didn’t appear overnight. Our focus on achieving results and staying on the cutting edge keeps us at the top of our game.


We know our regulatory and compliance responsibilities and have a zero-tolerance policy for violations. We also utilize a comprehensive compliance database to align our expertise to accomplishing what’s most important.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Our clients have always found us unique and well informed. We have minimized expenses in streamlining processes to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

People Matter

The foundation of our approach is a people-first mindset. Our team is collaborative, and we continuously learn and enjoy moments together.

Our only goal is the satisfaction of our customers

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