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with a flexible engagement model.

Adapt to Volatile Market Conditions

In the current economy and rising talent demands, contingent hiring is integral to grow the workforce and achieve success.

Hiring contingent labor is one of the fastest and effective ways to employ professionals with diverse skillsets for hard-to-fill temporary positions with the guarantee of superior performance.

Sunrise Systems offer strategic solutions to accelerate growth for companies. Our dedicated specialists help access a steady stream of talented individuals from all across the globe with a flexible hiring model.

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Benefits of Contingent Talent

Instant Hiring

Fill the skills gap within short time frames by hiring expert, non-permanent talent.

Reduced Costs

Decrease hiring costs by sourcing candidates from anywhere in the world.

Increased Flexibility

Get expert talent anytime, anywhere, suitable for various job roles.

Case Studies

Success Stories

Transforming the Future of Healthcare

Helped leading healthcare client to fill their key positions within IT

Maximized ROI with right people and skills

Offered the staffing solution to a leading firm across IT, finance, and data domains.